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Bought two as a way to keep my boyfriend and me connected in spirit and forest souls while we are apart for three long months. I accidentally only received one due to a shipping error but it was immediately rectified and that says a lot about the customer service being top notch. Mistakes happen and I would gladly order more products from this shop!

I was a little skeptical about the ring when I was first ordering it but I love it. This ring is a small piece of forest that will always stay with you.

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The ring is handmade from rosewood and natural green moss. Wood is protected by a layer of resin. The surface of every ring is hand polished to make them shine.

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It is as light as a feather , making it very comfortable to wear! This unique wooden ring is completely natural and eco-friendly! Suitable for everyone! Ring with Cross. Buy online a Man's ring with a cross and lilies Silver cross ring with lilies on the sides. Comfortable wearing daily. Samurai Warrior Ring. Buy online Samurai Ring The source of inspiration for the manufacture of this ring were the legendary samurai - the military elite of medieval Japan.

Fearless samurai, strictly follow the code of Bushido military rule, became famous all over the world, and became the hero of numerous books and films. Silver and Brass. Buy online Silver and Brass Texture ring Classic matt round ring. Dimensions: Width is above 10 mm.

Silver Cross Men Ring. New model. Six Skull Black Agate Ring.

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Skull and crossbones ring. Buy online Skull and crossbones ring A small ring with a skull with crossbones in a pirate style. On the ring are three skulls. One big skull. And two small skulls on the sides. The bones go to the side of the ring. Dimensions: 13mm Width 14 mm Made of silver Skull and Snake Ring. Ring skull and snake. Stone: Citrine Ring handmade. Beautiful skull and a snake in the eye socket. The other eye is set citrine. Skull Cross Pendant. Buy online Silver Skull and Cross Pendant! Cross skull based on the suspension of the legend of heavy metal guitarist Zack Wylde, leader of the band Black Label Society.

Big, beautiful, spectacular silver cross impresses. Skyrim Dragon Pendant. Skyrim Dragon Ring.

Buy Skyrim Silver Ring online! Silver ring Dragon created based on the popular computer game The Elder Scro Impressive, large men's ring is designed in strict style of northern games, and bears the symbol of a dragon. Small Skull Female Ring.

Agape Ring

Small tiny silver skull ring! Roughness and elegance can be combined! A hand-made silver ring with a small skull is suitable for casual style Made of silver Small skull with texture. Black small skull of silver. Covered with deep textures. Blackened High detail. Dimensions: Width - 10mm Made of silver Spartan Helmet Ring.

Epic, large and very heavy ring. Gladiator's Helmet On the sides of the ring are spears and shields. Star of David Necklace. Star of David - 30 mm silver necklace. Made from silver Unique pendant, author's design. Manual study and engraving of every detail. Star of David ring. Stunning male ring.

Buy Amethyst Gothic Ring

Classical form. Comfortable to wear. Weight 17 grams Dimensions: Width: 15mm Made of silver Textured lava ring. Buy online Small textured ring with amethyst Ring with a lava texture of silver with a amethyst stone. Amethyst 5 - 6 mm Stunning ring with a deep texture similar to lava. Two Skulls Ring.

Lord Of The Rings MV - The Soul of the Ring

Buy online Two Skulls Ring Unisex skull ring. You can change the size of the ring. Two Wolfs Ring. Viking Heavy Ring. Buy online - Viking Ring Massive, heavy men's ring - "Viking". This epic. Stunning ring. For those who love big heavy and brutal rings. Wide Silver Ring. Buy online Wide Silver Ring This ring made by a unique technique called frost. Simple minimalistic design.

Made of Silver Wolf Silver Bracelet. Only black leather. Wolf gift for men.

Baium's Soul Ring

Silver weighs about 30 grams. Change the name also URL address, possibly the category of the page. Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. Something does not work as expected? Find out what you can do. General Wikidot. Do not turn hollow or lose souls upon death or petrification. Breaks when activated.